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My services

You heard about it: Facebook Ads, Google Ads… but you don’t know where to start?

I’m here to help! Together, we can determine the people you want to reach, when and how. Also, what is the best platform for your business. Then, I can settle your campaigns, manage it and optimize it in order to get you the best results and finally attract new prospects! 

SEO audit & implementation

Is your website lost on page 25 of Google?

If you want your website in the first pages of Google, you need to build it in that way. Time will help, for sure but it is not enough! So are you sure that you settled everything in order to reach the first positions?

I can help you by auditing your website and detect where there are improvements to be done. And make these updates that will allow you to rank better on search engines!


Do you need quality content to feed your website and improve your position on search engines?

Indeed, the more your site offers quality content, the more likely it is to appear among the first results on search engines when users make a request.

Let me know what is your business about and I can write content tailored for SEO. It includes keyword researches, internal and external links integration and good grammar. We are writing to inform people, not feeding robots!

I’m only writing in French, and I can translate content from English and Spanish into a nice readable French. 

Website creation

You have a beautiful product or nice services to offer? And it’s not presented on a website yet?

Nowadays, everything could be exposed on a website in order to attract potential prospects. Yes, even you, who are selling bread, building houses or treating patients.

A website is like a resume when you are looking for a job: it shows who you are, what you can offer and why people should choose to contact you instead of your competitor.

I can build your display website in a way that will talk to your customers, according to your industry, your products, services and values. I am mainly using WordPress and more specifically Divi.